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The Wind Wisperers

WRE, a pioneer in the renewable Wind Sector, was founded in 1997 and after a successful track record currently operates Wind Farms and Solar Parks around Greece.

WRE’s twenty years’ of vast experience and thorough know how on Renewable Energy Technologies guarantees the outstanding performance in engineering, procurement, construction, operation and monitoring. Wind, Solar and Hydro Power are WRE’s key competent sectors.

60 Renewable Mega Watts are under development, while a new Wind Farm commences construction within 2017.

WRE’s investment policy is based on Greece’s vast renewable energy potential. Mountainous morphology and the open Aegean Sea offer abundant and high wind regime, providing Wind Farms with unprecedented Capacity Factors that only conventional Power Plants present. The intensity of Solar Irradiation and the cloudless blue sky of Greece make Solar Parks, profitable and trustworthy investments, while the Hydro potential of the mainland is still mostly unexploitable.

The current tendency for energy independence, has introduced a new challenge for the most admirable and famous Greek Polynesia. Small and autonomous power-wise islands are becoming the first projects globally for a totally CO2 free electricity consumption. WRE is already developing Hybrid Power Plants in the islands based on Wind Energy and storage.

WRE boasts for its robust strategy and the vision for a greener and renewable energy future which have contributed to the expansion of its activities, no matter the challenging economic and political environment.

Openminded to new technologies and markets and targeting to international cooperation’s, WRE is the ideal and reliable partner for Policy Makers and Enterprises that are able to utilize unique opportunities in countries with high Renewable potential such as Greece.

Our Values

Mission Statement

We believe success comes from the energy of our people. We have a determination to learn and to do things better. We are committed to making a real difference in providing the energy the world needs today and in the changing world of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to broaden our position as a competitive, modern and innovative energy company.

Business Concept

In participating shaping the Renewable Energy Market WRE group has gained a widely recognized position in Greece and Europe. Our aspiration is to broaden this position as a competitive, modern and innovative energy company. The group is ISO 9001:2008 Certified for policies and procedures.

Unique Vision

Our vision is shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge and leaving a sustainable world for future generations.

Quality Assurance

Performing pre-award or pre-qualification surveys, including a complete review of the suppliers’ QA program to meet government or purchaser requirements.
Review of the design, specifications, drawings and specified standards to assure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.
Inspection, witnessing or verification to establish the quality of a material, structure or system during manufacturing.

Energy Production
Avoided CO2 emissions (Tons)
Parks Maintenance

Project Gallery

Investing strategically, constantly developing new wind & photovoltaic plants, our company actively supports the reduction of air pollutants and environmental protection.

Quality based Services

The engineering department in cooperation with the planning, monitoring and maintenance team offers the following services:


Wind Park Design, Development & Operation




Hybrid Park Design, Development & Operation


Consulting Services


Smart Energy Solutions


Solar Plant Design, Development, Operation & Maintenance